434 Virginia Lane

Dunedin, FL  34698

(727) 734-0909


Coffee & Espresso

Sweet Peas Cafe serves up some of the most delicious coffee in

Tampa Bay!  Java Planet is the only organic, Fair Trade roaster in the Tampa Bay area and we are so happy to be serving it at Sweet Peas.  Once you've had a cup of Sweet Peas, you'll never be the same.


How about something steamed?  We are a full service coffee bar and that means we've got your craving covered!  From Lattes and Cappuccinos to Cuban and Tahitian coffee and everything in between.  Want something sweeter...add our house-made caramel or some mocha.  Yum!


In the mood for something cold, we cold-brew our iced coffee for 12 hours to create the smoothest iced coffee you'll ever have.  Throw in a shot of chocolate and make it an iced mocha.


Kids Suggestions

We offer a great selection of kid-friendly drinks.  Fresh squeezed OJ, Lemonade and Almond Milk to name a few.


Try our signature 'Baby-Ccino'...relax, there's no caffeine in it, just steamed milk but we wont' tell them.


We also have a large range of caffeine-free kid-friendly teas like Forever Fruit and Green Tea with Mango.  Served warm or chilled.


Fresh made sun-brewed organic iced tea.  Looking for something a little warmer?  We've got Relaxing Green tea with Chamomile & mint,  Warming Crimson Berry, Lemon Verbena, Black, Peppermint, Red Raspberry (great for pregnancy and after)  and many others.  We also make our own Chai with organic herbs and spices...YUM!


Soft Drinks & More

Freshly squeezed organic orange juice and lemonade.  We also carry an assortment of other drinks like naturally brewed Ginger-ale, Coconut Water, Virgil's sodas and lots more.

Beer & Wine

We offer a variety of organic and gluten-free beer and wine from local Florida breweries and suppliers.  Our selection changes from week to week so stop by to see what's in the cooler.



Refreshing, healthy and just amazing!  We offer Fruit and Veggie smoothies that are good for the heart, body, mind and belly.

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